I was born on 22nd January in 1942. in Kispest. I come from an artificer-applied art family.

1960. I passed my final exam in the grammar school, called the School of Fine and Applied Arts, as an ornamental sculptor. (My master was the sculptor, Frigyes Matzon.)
In 1966 I graduated in the Hungarian College of Applied Arts as a tool and engineering designer. My masters were András Dózsa Farkas, István Lengyel and Aladár Németh.

My job as a designing artist


Since 1966 I have been working as an independent designing artist, industrial designer and a goldsmith. My job is deversed and I also like working as a member of a designing team. Using my family basis, during the last decade I work especially as a goldsmith, in the sphere of advertisement and representation.
In 1975 at the Jubilee Applied Art Exhibition my bronze chess set, my patented string of handtools and the prototypes of my canteen of cutlery were shown. From which the strings of tools were taken into the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts and they are also presented in the book called 'The Best Hungarian Design Plans of 150 years'. This book was edited by Dr. Gyula Ernyei.
In 1985 I designed and also made the canteen of cutlery of all the six designing teams in order to help finishing the tender called 'Culture of Laying the Table' successfully.
I have worked for many big industrial companies such as Mezőgép, Tröszt, Orion, Telefongyár... etc. My job mainly involved designing and making prototypes.
I hope that my designing contributed to the development of the people's material surroundings.



1975 and 1985.: Exhibitions of Jubilee Applied Arts
1985.: Nest Club
1988.: Industrial Designing Triennálé, Székesfehérvár
1998.: Collective Travelling Exhibition of the last decades of Industrial Design